Welcome to Tank Truck Outfitters
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Tank Truck Outfitters
has been providing quality tank truck services, products and parts to their customers since 1993.   As a small family-owned business, we pride ourselves on being able to give each and everyone of our customers the individualized attention they deserve.   We know that our customer's depend on our products and services as an essential utility to satisfy their customers and for the success of their businesses.   Therefore, we will always do our very best to do quality repairs in the shortest amount of time.   Tank Truck Outfitters is conveniently located directly off of Interstate 81 (Exit 77) just North of Harrisburg, PA.  For detail directions Click Here

Our services include:
  • Repair and maintenance of vehicles (fleets or single vehicles), tanks, trailers, and heavy duty equipment
  • Tank fabrication, installation and rebuilds, as well as diagnostics and repair
  • DOT Inspection and Emissions Testing
  • Custom vehicle graphics and lettering
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